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A judge in Texas ruled recently that Medicaid is not required to pay for birth center services.  This judgement may be a precedent for other states, jeopardizing birth centers across the nation. 

The American Association of Birth Centers has worked hard to craft a federal bill that will protect birth centers all across the US from losing their ability to serve women on Medicaid.  We now have a bill number-- HR 2358. We need House sponsors and votes, and we need a Senate bill sponsored and introduced. Please call your Representatives and Senators ASAP.  Here is a link to some helpful talking points.

If you think this judgment is wrong, please help us by signing a letter to congress and forwarding this information to others you know who want to protect the ability of birth centers to provide care for all women in our communities. More than 8,200 supporters have already signed on!

Sign the letter to congress

Lastly, if you know physicians who are supportive of women's access to quality healthcare through birth centers, please encourage them to sign on to the Physician's Letter to Congress.

For more information, please go to

Thank you!